Sunday, 9 April 2017

Build day date confirmations

Make sure you all put these in your diary.
Build day 1 - 13/5/17
St Faiths church hall Burwood.
10am until 10pm.

Build day 2 - 09/09/17
Venue and time as above.

Mic B

Monday, 20 March 2017

Meeting 21/03/17 and Wings and Tracks pics.

Don't forget tomorrow evenings meeting at Ashburton library.
The theme for the night will be Wings and Tracks models.

I have posted below some pictures from the competition on Sunday.

Congratulations to Laurence F for winning the Golden Wing
Simon M for winning the Golden Spocket
And David H for winning best of show.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Sponsors and confirmed traders Wings and Tracks 2017

This week we can confirm who our traders and sponsors are for Wings and Tracks 2017 are.
Trading on the day:
Wargames Minatures
Brunel Hobbies
Firestorm Models
Battlefield Hobbies
Hylands Books (unconfirmed)

Sponsors for the show
BNA Model World
RC Headquarters Werribee
Andrews Hobbies - Ravenhall
Metro Hobbies
Base 44

Thank you to all of the above for their support of our Competition.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Wings and Tracks 2017

Check out the Wings and Tracks Link Page for the categories for this competition.

Welcome to 2017

We have some updates here with a new calendar of events for this year.
Posted also are some of the models on display at last years End of year Competition and dinner.
Our next meeting is on Feb 21st at the Ashburton Library. The first part of the meeting will involve the formalities of electing this year committee followed by our usual meeting night.
Happy modelling for 2017 and I look forward to catching up with all our members and friends during the year.
Mic Bradshaw
IPMS President.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Big Cairns Adventure.

Well the past weekend has seen the big IPMS Australia trip to the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum in Cairns.
Six intrepid souls departed Melbourne on Friday the 18th of November to return on Sunday the 20th of November. Was it worth it? Very very much so.
We must firstly thank both the owner and the great staff at the Museum for the treatment we received while there. We were helped out with any requests we had (although they wouldn't let Mike take home the T55 to become his live in bride) and were very friendly and helpful through out our full day at the museum. We also got to tour the workshop area and have a look at some of the upcoming projects and props from the movie "Fury". We also got to poke around in the store house and see some of the interesting bits and pieces lying about in there.
We had great weather while there, with nice cooling rain during the night and low thirty degrees during the day. Ate to much food. Walked around a lot... the museum is quite large. Some of the guys even went and let off a few rounds in the shooting range at the museum. To top it all off as it was put to me on the weekend we got to look up close at some awesome tanks.
Thanks so much to all who went on the trip for their support, and we will do this one again sometime in the future, especially after discussions with the owner as to what items he has coming.
I have a short photo essay attached, but we will have a slide show going at EOY for people to look at. Plus it will take me a while to sort through the 600+ pictures I took.
The view from our hotel room balcony.
The room.
The Cairns Boardwalk at sunset on Friday.
The dedication to the Catalina crews on the Esplanade.
The dedication plates on the side of the pylons.
The breakfast bar....
and the early morning view.
The gate Guardians.
Our ride for the weekend, we did all of 45 minutes of driving.
Below some of the exhibits.
Work in Progress - Tiger 1 from Fury.

And one last final shot across the bay.....