Friday, 12 August 2016

Border Scale Model competition.

John Booth recently visited the Border Scale Model competition in Albury. He has kindly sent in some pictured highlights from the competition.
Thanks to John for the below.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Tuesday 19/7/16 Meeting Night.

Hi All,
Tuesday 19th is meeting night. Come along for a chat and to show off some models.

Main theme for the night will be models in progress. With band camp being run and won this past weekend there is sure to be plenty of models on the tables.

I have posted up some pictures from the weekend at Lady Northcote YMCA Camp tonite for people to look at. Suffice to say it was another fantastic weekend of modelling, story telling and laughing, oh and not to forget extremely fragrant flatulence.

Enjoy the pictures and we hope to see you on Tuesday.

Remember swap and sell is on the horizon, time to book if you want tables.

Mic B
 A beautiful start to Sunday Morning in Glenmore.
 The Lodge where we stayed. Angliss Lodge.
 Was about -2 on Sunday morning, and all the cars were a bit icy.
 Saturday evening at the benches. Us modellers sure do take a lot of stuff with us.
 GD enjoying a glass of Tawny and getting some models done.
Congratulations to Mike Rennie for winning the Loud Shirt Competition.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Model expo 2016 and beyond

Hi all a quick update this evening.
Model Expo is here this week. We hope you all have those display models for Alex ready.
If you can we would love to see you down on Friday or Saturday to help out.
Even if it is an hour or so on Friday night just to do some usher work it would be appreciated.
Of course any other assistance you can lend though out the weekend would be appreciated especially come judging time.
Thanks to all members who attended the Build Day. It made it a fantastic day. Lots of modelling, conversation and fun was had by all. Congrats to Larry D for winning the raffle.
The meeting after Expo is a display and discussion night with our Expo entries. Even if it doesn't place we would love to see it there for the night.

I look forward to seeing you all there at Expo and catching up. It looks to be a cracker of a year model wise already this year.

Michael Bradshaw

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Wings and Tracks Pictures.

Hi All,
A small update with Wings and Tracks pictures.
Thanks to all who attended and helped out on the day. We had a great day, and the new Venue worked well for this event. We had almost 100 entries on the day, and the standard

on the tables was excellent.
We forgot to announce the Golden Wing and Sprocket for 2017. These will be:
MIG aircraft OOB, any era, any model kit.
General Purpose Trucks OOB, any era, any model kit.
Our next meeting is Tuesday 19th of April, come along for a good night. Our Theme/Discussion for the evening will be Fools Gold. Some ideas: Models that look great in the box, but just do not go together well. A bad model that you turned into a master piece through sheer determination, or anything else you may think fits the bill.
See you there.

Below are pictures from the competition. Sorry if your model is not shown, I couldn't fit them all on.

Special Congratulations to:
Larry D for winning the Golden wing for his Russian P40,
Simon M for winning the Golden Sprocket with his Humber Armoured Car.